Tuesday, August 14 - DEAD MAN'S BONES
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"MOLAR! BARE! ATTACKED...!!"    (Tuesday, August 14, 2012)

"`You should write as if there's no audience,` the thought came to me in my reclined, ultra-Novocained state..." < more>

"OBAMANATION OF ISRAEL..."    (Sunday, August 21, 2011)

"You're watching Europe fall apart right now...[ ] You see, globalism will never work. We have this global economy and all this stuff. All you're doing is heading for destruction.. The E.U. is a great utopian idea... [but] It can't work..." < more>

"MAKIN' YOUR OWN RULES..."    (Monday, July 4, 2011)

" He's the one who cut the heads off his wives when they didn't do what he wanted... He's the one who finally threw the pope out of England so he could marry another woman..." < more>

"GITTN 'R' DONE..."    (Monday, June 27, 2011)

"My dad could not have done a more monumental thing in our lives when he suddenly dropped the beautifully ornate St. John Lutheran Church in downtown Akron... to begin attending 'redneck' Dallas Billington's Akron Baptist Temple..." < more>

"DEJA MOOOOOOO..."    (Sunday, June 26, 2011)

"Everybody's talking about how politics is divided today like it never has been. Have you ever studied American history...?" < more>

"SHORE LEAVE..."    (Sunday, February 20, 2011)

"There were giants in the land AFTER the flood. What they were trying to do, through... these procreation experiments, was corrupt humanity so the seed of the woman could not produce a Redeemer..." < more>

"WHERE LITTLE ANGELS COME FROM..."    (Saturday, February 12, 2011)

"If you read about the human genome and DNA, 97% of the genetics in DNA is non-codable. ... 97% is the alien DNA from the wherever. You could run this stuff off to the place where it gets to be a little too much with the speculation..." < more>

"DEEP DISHIN' MISSION..."    (Wednesday, February 9, 2011)

"There are 200 languages spoken here... Who do you want to reach? Who's going to have a better chance of reaching their homeland?! They are!" < more>

"I AM A ROCK..."    (Monday, January 24, 2011) "I'm glad I'm a Chicagoan again but there's an awful lot about NYC that tugs at my heart..." < more>
"BIG MEN AND STARS..."    (Monday, January 17, 2011)

"These celestial creatures, aliens from Planet Earth from outer space, from the realm of the stars invade Planet Earth and literally begin to conduct procreation experiments..." < more>

"EASTERN PROMISE..."    (Monday, December 13, 2010)

"There was a tremendous missionary activity in the late 1800s and early 1900s... The Communists took over and ran all the Western missionaries out. They couldn't exterminate the Body of Christ, though, because it was Chinese..." < more>

"THE BIG DRAW..."    (Friday, November 26, 2010)

"We just happen to be there floating around... and He happens to be there too and we just run into each other..." < more>

"EVER CHANGING, EVER MOVING..."    (Wednesday, November 24, 2010)

"O that thou hadst hearkened to my commandments! then had thy peace been as a river, and thy righteousness as the waves of the sea..." < more>

"A LIFE'S VALUE..."    (Saturday, November 20, 2010)

"My sister thinks overall I have been a selfish and insensitive sister when presented with her entire life... 'You think like Daddy used to talk...'" < more>

"CLOUD OF CONFUSION..."    (Sunday, November 14, 2010)

"I've flown into a cloud bank that looked just as dark as night but when you flew into it, the clouds were just as light and white... the darkness really is a shadow..." < more>

"SPREADING THE WORD..."    (Saturday, November 6, 2010)

"They're not mistakes -- They're additional information that's given later on... still true... just not all given in one place..." < more>

"PHOCAS' POINT..."    (Friday, October 29, 2010)

"... it only took him a few minutes to decide what to do. He took a shovel, went to the middle of his garden and began to dig. All night long he dug..." < more>

"SAVED BY CALVARY..."    (Monday, October 18, 2010)

"You need to develop; you need to write out your story. You need to have it written out, memorialized and kept. You need to tell it to your family. You need to have it where you can go and repeat it..." < more>

"UFF DA BEATEN PATH..."    (Monday, September 6, 2010)

" I'll never forget the afternoon some 15 years ago when Naperville's Mayor George Pradel drove us to Leland ... we moseyed into the Leland police station where Pradel introduced himself as a Naperville cop and the officers kindly gave me two official Village of Leland police patches..." < more>

"DUMBING DOWN..."    (Saturday, September 4, 2010)

"Most people are just looking for problems to make money off of. There are lots of sensationalists, but for the honest people looking for answers, these are the roots that you HAVE to go back to..." < more>

"THE NEED TO CREATE..."    (Wednesday, September 1, 2010)

"That's what Ham's descendants are going to be -- people who are skilled in accomplishing things that have to do with technology... It's a great need among mankind. Man needs physical skill. He has these needs of accomplishing the thing..." < more>

"ENEMY MINE..."    (Friday, August 27, 2010)

"Another displays what psychiatrists have said is a key trait to keeping the men motivated and optimistic -- a sense that they have a role in their own destinies..." < more>

"BONDS BEYOND PASSING..."    (Wednesday, August 18, 2010)

"My mom was lying on the beach as I played in the sand and my sister casually came up to us and told us she had just spent the last hour walking the beach with a man who told her he was a Jewish New Yorker who had a hit comedy show on TV about a family. His name was Norman..." < more>

"GOOD TWIN..."    (Saturday, August 7, 2010)

"In some families you have a black sheep or red-headed stepchild, but you've also got the favorite; the teachers pet -- the one who is just tugging at your heart above all the others. That's Benjamin..." < more>

"A STORM WITHIN..."    (Thursday, August 5, 2010)

"And the great battle today is not fighting the social battles and the cultural wars; it's fighting the religious front. Until you understand that, you're not going to be in the real battle..." < more>

"GOOD MANNAS DEW COUNT..."    (Tuesday, July 13, 2010)

"And the people went about, and gathered it, and ground it in mills, or beat it in a mortar, and baked it in pans, and made cakes of it: and the taste of it was as the taste of fresh oil..." < more>

"IMAGE OF HAAGEN -- DAZS'D...!"    (Saturday, July 10, 2010)

"Basically, kangaroo was an Australian tribe word for, 'What did you say?' When Cook first observed the strange animal sitting on his tail, he asked, 'What's that?' to which a native responded in his tongue, 'What did you say?'" < more>

"LIFE LINES..."    (Friday, July 9, 2010)

"A very striking beauty in her younger days... she was everything from a semi driver and truckstop cook to a switchboard operator and fancy hotel clerk..." < more>

"BEFORE AMAZON..."    (Friday, July 2, 2010)

"Now, if we begin to collect together the Scripture and I had a copy of it and I'm studying it, what would you want to do? ... you know what I'd want? I'd want my copy too...!" < more>

"FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES..."    (Tuesday, June 29, 2010)

"Then he's transported in the spacecraft... and travels all the way out there to that planet in the third heaven..." < more>

"HELLO AGAIN, BA'HAI-BA'HAI..."    (Tuesday, June 22, 2010)

"Well, was it 'in the flesh' that you wrote it or was it really just you pouring your heart out...?" < more>

"ALONE IN A CROWD..."    (Sunday, June 20, 2010)

"He thought MY thoughts were worthy of writing down and it made him mad that I only wanted to write about what other people's thoughts were..." < more>

"SHELF DISCIPLINE..."    (Wednesday, June 9, 2010)

"I was actually reunited with a bunch of books that have sat idle on my shelves since the last time I moved [and] couldn't help but open some of them for quick reminder peeks at why I still value them..." < more>

"DEFLOCKED..."    (Monday, May 24, 2010)

"Cain's best turned into rage and anger and blood lust for murder. It brought destruction to his brother and all that followed him..." < more>

"HIS MUTINOUS WAYS..."    (Friday, May 21, 2010)

"When you say somebody's first and there's a whole bunch of people following them you know the Pharisees in Jesus' day, and in Paul's day, didn't just come up then. They're promoting a system that began with Cain...!" < more>

"DINO MITES...!"    (Saturday, May 15, 2010)

"You stand out there with a big old gun and the squirrel sticks his little noggin up out of the ground and BOOM! The trick there though is to get the animal to come up on you..." < more>

"AN OBAMA NATION..."    (Tuesday, May 11, 2010)

"As former Council of Economic Advisors head Greg Mankiw notes regarding the health-care bill, the prime motive was not 'health per se but... redistribution of income...'" < more>

"CANINE ABLE..."    (Saturday, May 1, 2010)

"It says 'the dogs came and licked his sores.' That's the kind of dogs you get; you're talking about scavengers, ones that run in packs and seek to tear and devour..." < more>

"I'VE SEEN FROM BOTH SIDES NOW..."    (Thursday, April 22, 2010)

"This HUGE break in my budding journalism career not only garnered me a coveted rookie position as a 'bureau chief,' but I was employed by the Elmira Star-Gazette, an upstate New York newspaper with the privileged distinction of being the first Gannett newspaper..." < more>

"IMAGE DISTORTION..."    (Saturday, April 10, 2010)

"When I read that, I thought, 'Wow, that's really crafty!' It's to misunderstand the idea of an image [...] It's not some little piece of stone or some rusty thing. It's a person..." < more>

"IT WAS THE WAY SHE SAID IT..."    (Thursday, April 1, 2010)

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh...!" < more>

"ETERNAL MAN..."    (Tuesday, March 23, 2010)

"In a way, one could see the whole story of Gilgamesh as a failed search for immortality..." < more>

"MOVING FORWARD. MOVING AWAY..."    (Thursday, March 18, 2010)

"It is a cold and irresponsible act on Toyota's part, a decision that was not necessary from a business standpoint and that completely disregards the wave of human misery it is setting in motion..." < more>

"KING JAMES' VERSION..."    (Saturday, March 6, 2010)

"The kids have closets full of No. 23 gear and now we have to go out and buy No. 6 gear? Money doesn't grow on trees, or maybe just on really tall trees that only NBA players can reach..." < more>

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