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"CARVIN' COPIES..."    (Tuesday, November 27, 2007)

"They either leave it out completely or they put it in brackets, meaning they don't think it ought to be there but they don't have the courage of their convictions..." < more>

"HIGH, PRAYS..."    (Saturday, November 24, 2007)

"I get a kick out of verse 29 because it's talking about looking upon a woman to lust and then it says 'If thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out.' Doesn't your right eye and left eye go together? Mine do..." < more>

"BY THE NUMBERS..."    (Thursday, November 22, 2007)

"Now, I can show you verse-for-verse how there's absolutely no way you've ever met anybody that obeyed that verse...!" < more>

"FREQUENT BACKUPS..."    (Tuesday, November 20, 2007)

"If you wanted knowledge from God, and you wanted to know what God's Word said, that priest of God was to preserve it and have it ready for you when you needed it..." < more>

"FIRE PROOF..."    (Sunday, November 18, 2007)

"They didn't even smell like they'd been in the smoke... these guys were bound and the fire burns the ropes they were tied in but doesn't even singe their hair..." < more>

"WORD: TWISTED..."    (Saturday, November 17, 2007)

"She can be something a man never can be in that regard and every man that comes along look up to her. But she can also be exactly the opposite of that..." < more>

"KEY NOTES..."    (Wednesday, November 14, 2007)

"They wouldn't bow, they wouldn't bend and they wouldn't burn. But see, they didn't know... yet that they wouldn't die..." < more>

"YOU DO AND YOU DO AND YOU DO..."    (Saturday, November 10, 2007)

"The guy's studying for an alibi to do whatever he wants to do... he wants an excuse... [to] do whatever he wants to do and have it be no problem..." < more>

"ORIGEN TALE..."    (Thursday, November 8, 2007)

"Augustine had this big convoluted doctrine of how to have a 'just war.' And the reason he did that is not so you can justify going into Iraq and bumping off Saddam Hussein. That wasn't it..." < more>

"ACCOUNTING ERR..."    (Wednesday, November 7, 2007)

"They developed a totally desire-oriented life; oriented toward what they wanted and that only. Their self-consciousness became self-indulgence and selfishness..." < more>

"DICTAPHONIES..."    (Sunday, November 4, 2007)

"...And men who believe in ' mechanical dictation,' and what's called 'dynamic inspiration,' and all those other types of inspiration... they do so in order to ridicule..." < more>

"NO VENTRILOQUISM ACTS..."    (Friday, November 2, 2007)

"The idea of the stick is that when a person holds it, he/she commands the full attention of the group and everyone must listen..." < more>

"FOLLOW THE MONEY..."    (Wednesday, October 31, 2007)

"The one-eyed, one-armed flying purple people-eater... Well, there he is, right there. He's one-eyed, one-armed and he eats people..." < more>

"MEN IN BLACK..."    (Monday, October 29, 2007)

"Out in the world they got a song, 'I only have eyes for you, hoochee-doo, hoochee-doo.' Well, that's what she had..." < more>

"CHOSEN DOZEN CHOOSE CHOSEN..."    (Sunday, October 28, 2007)

"I'm talking about when you send me a message, tap me on the shoulder and say you want to see me, wanting me to have an audience with you, and I just ignore you...?" < more>

"ONE DOWNSMANSHIP..."    (Saturday, October 27, 2007)

"One of the greatest businesses to be in the world is school books because every 10 years you've got to rewrite the whole thing because you know more..." < more>

"LEGENDS OF THE FALLS..."    (Tuesday, October 23, 2007)

"'Whoa, we can't do that! That might be a success!' A guy actually said, 'He'll do it too! We gotta' stop him!' and they did, for good or bad..." < more>

"HEART NOUVEAU..."    (Saturday, October 13, 2007)

"The way you become the conscience of a nation -- the way you have an impact on the nation -- is that you go out and understand they need to be transformed internally..." < more>

"T. G. I. S. ..."    (Wednesday, October 10, 2007)

"I got nothing else; I don't need to do anymore. This is what I was doing it all for; I've arrived..." < more>

"'TO BE, OR NOT TO BE' -- GENESIS..."    (Saturday, October 6, 2007)

"By the way, what happened with Muhammad was he had significant Bible knowledge that was passed to him orally, but he didn't have a good memory or understanding..." < more>

"VICE VERSES..."    (Thursday, October 4, 2007)

"What's going to happen to you shouldn't happen to your worst enemy..." < more>

"AU PAIR IMPAIRED..."    (Monday, October 1, 2007)

"The truth is, in this life, you're going to be upset at some point, and confronting life's stark and seductive realities is what turns you from a child to an adult..." < more>

"CREATING AN AUDIENCE..."    (Tuesday, September 18, 2007)

"I'm waiting for you guys to say something and you won't say anything, and I've given you plenty of time, and you just sit there and you won't answer so now I'm going to talk..." < more>

"HOMEBOY CRED..."    (Monday, September 17, 2007)

"There's a moment in time when you were conceived and you began to exist prior to which you didn't exist..." < more>

"DOES HE LIVE, OR IS IT MEMOREX...?"    (Friday, September 14, 2007)

"With Mark you see the royal ruler. Mark writes for the strong man; he writes for the person who's interested in power and in authority -- in getting the job done. .." < more>

"FLAWED SOLUTION..."    (Tuesday, September 11, 2007)

"So, that night he goes down there and you're watching Boston Legal on TV and BOOM! You hear another explosion..." < more>

"SPREAD SPECTRUM..."    (Monday, September 10, 2007)

"...what they do is communicate on dozens of different frequencies, and the idea is if you can jam a third of the frequencies, the receiver can figure out from the other two-thirds what it needs..." < more>

"POWER OF MEGA HURTS..."    (Friday, September 7, 2007)

"He's not rejoicing, 'Whoopee, I'm in jail again!' He's not saying, 'Whoopee, I'm on a sick bed again!' He's saying, 'In spite of the circumstances I've got something inside that causes me to rejoice...'" < more>

"SEX, LIES, AND ULTIMATE FATE..."    (Thursday, September 6, 2007)

"Freud spent the rest of his life trying to prove that religion was just a repressed sex drive. And he's the guy where all you got to do is drop his name and everybody thinks, 'Oh, you're a real intellectual...'" < more>

"ORGAN DONORS..."    (Friday, August 31, 2007)

"The beat, the rhythm was in the melody, which makes the melody something carrying your flesh, not your spirit..." < more>

"DECOMPOSITION..."    (Wednesday, August 29, 2007)

"All of this has an exact science to it. Melodies run horizontally. Chords -- or the harmony -- run vertically. The chord is how you get your feelings affected..." < more>

"SPINOZA DOCTOR..."    (Tuesday, August 28, 2007)

"...I spoke as if my very heart was in love with God -- tender, personal love. If you were [there], you would have said, 'What hypocrisy...'" < more>

"NOISES OFF..."    (Friday, August 24, 2007)

"And the activities, and the gyrations, were associated with people getting their clothes off and there's not really but one reason you take your clothes off..." < more>

"MUSIC DOWN AND OUT..."    (Tuesday, August 21, 2007)

"What does the agriculture, and the horticulture, and the Arts, and the industrialization and the mechanization of society, lead to...?" < more>

"ULTIMATELY RECYCLED..."    (Saturday, August 18, 2007)

"You were born without purpose, you live without meaning, living is its own meaning. When you die, you are extinguished. From being you will be transformed to non-being..." < more>

"LOW RISK, HIGH YIELD..."    (Thursday, August 16, 2007)

"When I first moved to Chicago I used to go into the Loop and ask somebody if they knew where so-and-so street was and they always seemed to know right where it was whether they knew or not..." < more>

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