Just like China is focusing on manufacturing, India has some advantages as the great service economy because India has Western economy and government principles. China has a communist economy and communist government principles. One will implode on itself; the other has the ability to grow with its mistakes. India, by the way, has a younger workforce. It’s estimated that by 2020 India will have two billion people. Of course, the Chinese instituted a one-child birthrate.

“If you’re looking for the real giant in Asia, I’d watch India if it were me,” says Jordan. “By the way, that’s why it’s so exciting to me! We just sent all of the Grace School of the Bible classes to China on DVD.

“Now, we won’t see them again because the Chinese government is very oppressive to the Christian church in China. They watch very carefully; they monitor the emails and they’re very suspicious. It’s that communist suspicion of one another.

“So we have to give them into the hands of people we know we can trust and they will distribute them. And the network they’re distributing them through is a network of over 2,500 Grace Assemblies in China--people who understand some of things about right division and that want this information. That’s a lot of people, folks!

“You say, ‘Well, little home churches aren’t but about 15-20 people. Yeah, that’s because they’re HOME churches! They have to be that way because of the culture!

“Understand, there was a tremendous missionary activity in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The Communists took over and ran all the Western missionaries out. They couldn’t exterminate the Body of Christ, though, because it was Chinese. It was IN the Chinese people too. And you can’t exterminate the true church. In fact, the blood of the martyrs is the seedbed of the church.

“The same hunger and thirst for truth is in India too. We’re planting the same number of seeds there. Culture’s moving that way. It’s moving back to where civilization began.


“Ultimately, it’s going back to the Middle East. In Daniel 8 you get some detailed information about the kingdom of the Antichrist in ‘the last days.’ Those kings of the east are going to come and join forces with the Antichrist in fighting against the nation of Israel.

“In those ‘last days’ Revelation is talking about, all the nations of the earth, United States included (but the U.S. will be so insignificant at that point it won’t really matter), will gather themselves against Jerusalem and against Israel. The Antichrist will be ruling that part of the world and gathering the influence of the nations under his rubric to fight against God’s plan and purpose in the earth.

“It won’t matter what forces he gathers together, though, God’s plan will still come through. But the Word of God tells you all about this ahead of time. That’s a fascinating thing.

“He told Abraham in Genesis 15, ‘I’m gonna make a covenant with you. I’m gonna give your seed this land. Walk up and down in it, kick the dust, get acquainted with it, it belongs to you! You ever buy a house and go around in it, look in the closets, look in the attic? God’s saying, ‘It’s yours, Abe, look at it!’

“God then says, ‘But, by the way, your descendants are going to go down to a strange land, out of the land, for 400 years and then I’m going to bring them back.’ Now if they’re going to be gone for 400 years, what would that tell Satan? He’s got 400 years to put his people in the land, doesn’t he?

“See, Hezbollah didn’t just figure out how to do that! (Satan says), ‘Dig your foxholes, make your fortifications, and get ready to hold the land.’ So, when he brings Israel up . . . that’s why when He brought Israel in they’re under Joshua and He said, ‘Go in there! And those seven nations that have fortified themselves in that land, sunk their roots in and tried to take that land (God calls them OUTLANDISH people; they’re not supposed to be there) that’s your land; go in and wipe them all out!’

“And Israel didn’t do that and the conflict you see over there in the Middle East today is the result of Israel not doing what God told them to do in the Book of Joshua. But Jesus Christ is going to come back and do it Himself. That’s why Hebrews 4, referring to Joshua back in the Old Testament, it doesn’t say, ‘Joshua; it says Jesus.’ That name is the Greek form of the word Joshua. Both of them mean Jehovah Savior.  Joshua’s a type of the Lord Jesus Christ, commissioned to do what Jesus Christ will ultimately do.”


The Antichrist is going to reign, not over the whole planet, but he’s going to reign over the Middle East. Daniel 8:8, talking about the kingdom of Greece and how the kingdom is going to spawn the reign of the Antichrist, he says in verse 8, ‘Therefore the he goat (defined in verse 21 as Greece) waxed very great: and when he was strong, the great horn was broken; and for it came up four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven.’

“When Greece was divided up, it was divided up into four divisions that we know today as Greece, Turkey, Syria and Egypt. Verse 9 tells us that ‘little horn’ is the Antichrist. Now where does it say he came from? One of those four divisions in the Greek empire. We call them Greece, Turkey, Syria and Egypt. In Daniel 11, he’ll identify two of them—the king of the north (which is Syria) and the king of the south (Egypt). The Syrian, the king of the north, becomes the Antichrist.

“So all of the ideas that the prophecy preachers have been peddling for years-- that the Antichrist is really going to come and take over the European Common Market, and the Antichrist is going to be the pope sitting in Rome reigning from Italy, taking over the Middle East from Italy--you know what that is? That’s idle speculation because the Antichrist doesn’t come from Europe! He doesn’t come from the Greek or even the Turkey division of the Greek empire.

“By the way, the Roman empire was divided into two sections: one in Europe and then the eastern division of Turkey and Syria. So the part of the Roman Empire that he comes from is not the European division, it’s the Middle East division.”